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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the laser treatment work?

The laser creates a beam of high intensity light that penetrates deep into the skin tissue where it is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair shaft. This beam generates therapeutic heat and provides damage to the hair follicle.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on hair color, skin color and patient tolerance. On average 6 treatments are required to achieve 80-90% clearance. Hair grows in cycles, therefore multiple treatments are necessary to capture these cycles.


Does it hurt?

There is an element of discomfort equivalent to the sensation of a rubber band snap. The GentleLase Plus is the industry premier hair removal system, offering advance laser treatment and outstanding clinical effectiveness with the dynamic cooling advantage of allowing increased patient comfort.


What can I expect after treatment?

Immediately after treatment, there should be redness and slight swelling at the follicle site. The treated area may feel like a sunburn . Avoid hot water and aggressive skin care the same day as treatment.


How do I prepare for treatment?

Avoid sun exposure , tanning and tanning beds 4 weeks prior to treatment. Remember the laser beam is attracted to dark pigment and tanned skin has dark pigment. Avoid tweezing, waxing and threading hair 2-4 weeks before treatment. Two days of shaved growth is adequate. Areas to be treated need to be cleaned and free of lotions, perfumes, and makeup.


Are there side effects?

Risks are minimal. Side effects may include bruising, redness, swelling, hyper-pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation in the treated area. Permanent side effects are rare.


Can I afford it?

Absolutely! Our consultation is complementary. Feel free to call for your no obligation appointment today…